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COVID 19 Protocols - Recommended by the WCFA

Covid 19 Protocols -  If you are sick STAY AT Home!

 Check with clients about recent travel and/or sickness - CANCEL or RESCHEDULE appointments as necessary. 


 Request barn Managers to reduce human traffic in the area during Farrier Visits

 Request clients do not catch or hold horses if possible.

 Request clients do not attend appointments if possible.

 Request a designated handler if working on multiple horses at one barn if possible.

 Farrier to Use your own halters and/or leadrope

 WASH HANDS with soap upon arrival at a barn

 WASH HANDS with soap upon leaving the barn 

SANITIZE TOOLS between barns

 Limit touching things to what’s necessary

 Wear gloves while opening/closing gates, filling water buckets etc.

 Request payment methods like e transfer or cheques. Minimize cash payments



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