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Transitioning to the New Societies Act

 At the next Annual General Meeting on October 14th in Chilliwack the WCFA must vote on an amended constitution.  The new Societies Act came into effect on Nov. 28, 2016.  After that date, but before Nov. 28, 2018 the WCFA must file a Transition Application online. 

Before filing, the following amendments must be made:

  1.  Constitution  - Amend its constitution to include only the Name and Purpose (Item #1 & #2)  Incorporate Copy of Resolution of October 21st, 2011 into main body of Constitution
  2.   Bylaws –  Schedule B must be typed out in full with the original variations made by the WCFA ie. Addition to Part 4, Addition to Part 5, Variation to Part 9, deletion of Items 49 & 50, Variation to Part 10
  3. Item #3 of the present Constitution must be relocated into the Bylaws as Part 12
  4.   Statement of Directors and Registered Office – must be current
  5.    Annual Reports – for 2016 must be filed first

The WCFA, at this time, can also make further amendments as needed.  Two possible amendments would be:

  1.       Part 2 Sentence 10 Type of Membership
  2.      Part 8 Seal – delete completely

Please read over the downloaded WCFA Constitution on the website.  If you have any questions or suggestions email

This is your association and your constitution!!

The WCFA also has to decide whether or not they will be a Member-funded Society or a Non Member-funded Society.  At present we are a Member-funded Society and my recommendation would be that we stay a Member-funded Society.

Member-funded Society -   to designate WCFA as a “member-funded society” requires a special resolution of the members.  You cannot be a “member-funded society” if you receive public donations or government funding of over $20,000 over the course of two years.

  1.      No restriction of assets on dissolving association
  2.      One director is sufficient – no residency requirement
  3.       No restrictions on number of board members
  4. .     No public right to copies of financial statement
  5.        No disclosure of remuneration

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