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2018 Fall Conference  WCFA Fall Conference - featuring Wayne Preece FWCF, Andrew Tuefel RMT, and Steve Dixon CJF Please click on Photo Gallery for Specimen Shoes

Date: 12-10-2018   to 14-10-2018


Raffle  WCFA Raffle - The WCFA will be raffling a World Championship Blacksmith Anvil Stand, 200 lb. Anvil Brand Legend Anvil and Gene Leisure Vice at the 2018 Fall Conference.  Tickets may be p

Date: 19-06-2018   to 13-10-2018


Iain Ritchie Clinic  Farrier Clinic with Iain Ritchie in Kelowna, BC For information contact:  Jack Ketel at   ONLINE REGISTRATION NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS CL

Date: 28-07-2018   to 28-07-2018


Forging In The Rockies  - Clinician and/or Judge - Adam McQueen, Ontario Place:  Radium/Brisco Contact:  Matt Kuechler   Ph:  403-836-1808    email:  toprailfo

Date: 25-08-2018   to 26-08-2018