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Articles by Farriers

Find articles written by farriers for horse owners and other farriers. Article topics can range from various types of shoeing, forging techniques, and trimming advice to how-to hoof care and advice for owners.

Knife Sharpening - Part 1 - by Bruce Hague Please click on the link to read the article

Knife Sharpening - Part 2 - by Bruce Hague Please click on download brochure to read article

Open Toed Shoes written by James Findler & Marie Leginus Description: A shoe to alleviate caudal hoof pain, or excess stress to the navicular area. This shoe would help reduce coffin joint pain, and horses

Quarter Cracks written by James Findler & Marie Leginus  Definition: A vertical crack in the hoof wall that is parallel to the hoof tubules, originating at the coronary band.   Anatomy: The

Billing is a privilege - by Cindy Eldstrom In today's world of credit, many people have come to expect a "charge account" procedure. In the farrier industry, client credit is becoming

How to pull a shoe off - by Marie Leginus It was finally here, you and Studley have been waiting all summer for that perfect day; the day to load up and hit that favourite trail at the park. T